It's All Happening!


I'm crazy busy preparing for the local book launch on 25 November!

The three books are being released initially as a package, at a discount price. This deal will remain in place for the rest of 2023. Katrin, of Pentridge Voices (also my layout advisor and cover designer) had suggested – when we had wild thoughts that I could travel to Melbourne and launch the books in the Pentridge historical section – that we tie them in bundles with red ribbon. I don't find travel very easy any more, but I've adopted her idea for the local launch. As you see, I've started preparing the bundles.

They'll be pre-signed – yes, by my own hand, over and over again – but if people want a personal message added, they'll need to take them out of the ribbons and line up. They probably will anyway, as my cover artist, Lisi Klein, will be there too, ready to sign the two volumes featuring her lovely artwork, and that will be something only attendees at the launch can get.

Some of the RSVPs are slow to come in – get on to it please, guys, if you read this – but we already have more acceptances than the Community Centre has chairs! Luckily they can borrow some from the adjacent Nullum House drop-in centre and the Youth Centre.  The space is plenty big enough to take more. It would be good to know the exact number we'll need, also to make sure we have the right quantities of books and refreshments. Never mind, I'll just aim to over-cater!

I've had a look to see where we'll set up the refreshment table, the book buying table, the book inscribing table; and where the power points are for the mic and the card-reader. Friends have offered to do the food, and to help set up the space beforehand. I've bought more tea bags, coffee bags, paper plates and serviettes than we're likely to need....

Meanwhile I've posted the legal deposit copies, review copies, and gift copies to people who were particularly helpful and supportive in making these books happen.

It's really real!!!