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A Review of Andrew Wade's JORELL

From  The Smoking Poet Book Review by Zinta Aistars Jorell * Softcover, 112 pages * Publisher: 1st ed. Aust. Booksellers Assoc., 2nd ed. Life Magic * ISBN: 978-0-9752485-1-5 “For those who believe in fairies .... and those who don’t.” Fairies... do I believe in them? I had to wonder as I read this slim book by Andrew E. Wade, an Australian author. I wasn’t sure into which category I land, believer or non. Surely I believed as a child? And I remember well how my own children believed when they were small, peeking into bushes, checking behind tree leaves, listening to the rustling in the wind. Perhaps I fall into the group of those who want to believe... Whatever your outlook on fairies, anyone can enjoy the story of Jorell . She is a tiny fairy in Australian woods who guards the forest, but also seems to keep a kind eye out for the occasional good human who wa