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Occupation: Poet

'Not for ambition or bread,' said Dylan Thomas about writing poetry, in the sonnet,  In My Craft or Sullen Art . That's about right, for most poets. Yet we regard it as our work, our vocation, that thing we can't not do. I'll be truthful: I don't write that occupation on forms any more, though I did when younger. I put 'retired' or 'age pensioner'; it's simpler. But I still occupy myself in making poems, and in related activities. As they say, 'It's what I do.' But what exactly? Related activities are : Columns for the international online community, Poets United . I alternate fortnightly (on Fridays) between I Wish I'd Written This and The Living Dead , discussing poems and poets I like. When there is a fifth Friday in the month, I write Moonlight Musings , exploring various matters of concern to poets – such as copyright, plagiarism, influences, form, payment/reward....  Administering various poetry groups on