So whatever’s happening with that memoir, then?

Don’t worry, I’m impatient to get it out there into the world. But I also want it as good as I can get it.  So this is what's been happening:


I’ve expanded it a bit, including some things I didn’t at first. It’s a bit of a hybrid, both social history and personal story, so it’s tricky getting the right balance between the two, while taking care of readers’ expectations so they know from the beginning it will be both. I think I was a little too cautious at first.

Now it’s having a really final proofread and edit … hoping there won’t turn out to be another ‘really truly final’ one and so on. But no, I think this is it. I put it aside for a few weeks and didn’t look at it, trying not to even think about it, so as to come back with a fresh eye. It was a good decision; I’m picking up stuff now that I might not have seen without the break.


I think I’ve found my cover designer! Which is very exciting. It’s an area in which I have no expertise, so I needed someone. She’s not available immediately, but then I think I’d be extraordinarily lucky to find anyone good who was. Meanwhile I also have some artist friends close and handy who are willing to advise on the cover image if necessary, and perhaps help create one. (Though I’ll probably go with a photo.)


I’ve been looking into the self-publishing idea. It poses some unexpected logistical problems. But I have several friends who are small publishers, who might be willing to take it on – or to help in an ‘assisted self-publishing’ scenario. (There are businesses which exist specifically to do that, but from my observation their fees are exorbitant and they don’t produce very good results anyway.) If all else fails, a relative with technical expertise is willing to handle it for me. So that bit’s still somewhat up in the air, but should be resolved soon.

And, for the rest ...

As for the other books I plan – I feel the memoir must come first.

So, for a little while longer, keep watching this space!

Photo © David A Nissen 2022