Sightlines – a collaboration between poets and artists

Sightlines was the name of an art exhibition held in April 2022 at the Small Works Gallery in Murwillumbah, NSW (Australia) – a unique collaboration between artists and poets, which was launched with a poetry reading. 

Five local poets, including me, were invited to submit poems which might inspire 11 local artists. This collaboration was very exciting for us all!

I submitted haiku, for the directness and immediacy of the visual images. Three artists chose four – or five – of them. (In the transcribing, sending poems over the internet, two haiku managed to run together as one poem. And hey, it really worked! An artist responded to it as a whole.) 

To read the haiku, see all the artwork they inspired, and read what the artists say about the experience, see here. 

Image © Annique Goldenberg 2022,
photographed by Rosemary Nissen-Wade.