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Maybe You Don't Need a Psychic Reader (Not Even Me)

My new cleaner saw my room set up for psychic readings, and perhaps looked at my business card which is there too.

'Are you some kind of spiritual reader?' she asked when she was ready to leave. I explained the things I do, and she said she needed some stress relief for both herself and her daughter.

I told her it wasn't a good idea for her or her daughter to see me, as I'm a client of the cleaning service she works for. Professional ethics on both sides would mean we need to keep boundaries between these things. But I said I'd be happy to refer her to someone else, and enquired what exactly she was wanting.

When she described the emotional stress her daughter was going through, I said, 'My chiropractor is also a kinesiologist. She recently helped me clear some emotional issues I was having trouble coping with. Maybe she could help your daughter.'

'Oh yes!' said my cleaner. 'The specialist told me my daughter should see a kinesiologist and an i…

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