Sucking Mangoes Naked


This wonderful title and book cover belong to a new anthology in which I'm delighted to have several pieces included. Much gratitude to Tad Wojnicki for conceiving, compiling and editing the whole and seeing it through to publication.

Here is the blurb from its Amazon listing:

You love haiku. You’ve flipped the books, checked the sites, and scrolled the zines. But you’re left craving that special something… It may be something as obvious as love. Well, how about a book of erotic haiku?

 Sucking Mangoes Naked is a no-holds-barred look at the twists & turns of love, spiritual as well as physical, told in a “let’s sit down and chat over a cup of some exotic tea” manner. So brew a cup of Oolong, Yerba Mate, or Acai, and dig in! 

Like you, the poets included in the Sucking Mangoes Naked anthology have had their succinct, nut-shaped erotica scattered here and there – everywhere -- throughout the literary landscape without a tangible proof of their efforts. But starting today, they can hold the fruit of their love dreams and longings in their own hands. 

Also for the first time, they find themselves belonging to a large tribe of haiku poets from far-flung corners of the world united by the most powerful human instinct – to love and to be loved.


Personally I am not holding a copy in my arms, as I prefer ebooks. (I know; I'm a Philistine, right?) Luckily it is available in that form too.

Just for the record, it does include some tanka, senryu and haiga as well as the haiku. Here are a couple of my efforts. 

hiked up my skirt
danced at the edge of the swell
teasing bare-legged
the ocean kissed my toes
then surged up past my knees

under his touch
I myself can feel
how soft my breasts

There are more in the book – by me, I mean – as well as a great variety, ranging from subtle and delicate to outspoken and frankly hot, by a number of other poets from many countries, all writing in English.

Here is where to find this entertaining and very affordable book on Amazon: click this link