Responses to Rosemary's Poetry

Rosemary Nissen-Wade is both original and a powerful voice—a voice of humanity in all its suffering and joy.…These are poems of great immediacy and power—but the one word that has been, most accurately, used to describe their underlying unity is love.
– Karl Orend, former Manager of Shakespeare & Company, Paris.

These are poems that look with a steady and perceptive eye on poetry’s grand themes – love, death, the natural world – but can spare a sideways glance for things small and things fantastic – the warmth of a cat curled on the bed, unicorns in the laundry.
— Jennifer Strauss, poet, critic and Honorary Senior Research Fellow at Monash University, Melbourne.

... tough-minded when that’s needed, she can be hauntingly, delicately moving ...’
Philip Martin, poet, critic and translator.

Rosemary, I cannot tell you what a relief it is to read your poetry. It's actually beautifully written! You have no idea how many REALLY BAD books I have been given to read. So when I find one that's a joy I nearly lose my mind with delight! THANK YOU for sending this to me! It truly is a lovely book!
– Vila SpiderHawk, author

Don't minimise your ability to reach, to reach out. People will need poetry. Healing works on a level in which there is something wrong. Poetry gets to the core, the heart. That is the pertinence of poetry now. It is essential for people to have access to poetry as a means for activation of the heart.
– Raeline Brady, Reiki/SKHM Master, Vibrational Essence Practitioner