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Readers' Responses to 'Jorell'

~ environmental fairy story by my late husband, Andrew E. Wade ~  CHILDREN Your book makes me believe in fairies. It is my favourite book that I've got and hope other people like it too. Also your book makes me feel happy, light as a feather and loving of my sister and my mum and dad. It makes my dad feel happy in heart. The book to my mum makes her feel she can do anything. The book makes my sister feel pretty. I would like you to write more of this book. I will pass it on to my children. Your book makes me think fairies are part of my family. Your book makes me feel like I can fly and I hope it makes other people feel they can do the same. Coen Jennings-McKay 8yrs (2007) I looked forward to Daddy reading it to us every night. I liked all of the story. Emilia McDonald 5 years Most exciting story I’ve read in ages. Very lively. Joe Jackson 8 years Jorell is a wonderful story of a young boy called Tim who sees a fairy in the forest and tells his parents. His Dad get