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My Poetry Blogs / Communities

My current poetry blog, started in February 2018.

The Passionate Crone 
(now archived)
My previous poetry blog, started in March 2006 and discontinued in February 2018 when Blogger got a glitch I couldn't fix. It was easier to keep this one as an archive and start something new.

Short poems about those who make an impact on me – from the close and intimate to complete strangers, and even some other-worldly beings – in the same number of words as my age at the time of writing.
A UK writer called Satya Robyn conceived a method of (short pieces of) mindful writing and asked people all over the world to join her on doing one a day in January 2011, which many did – but, with advance notice, I began in December 2010. Satya imagined a 'river of small stones', hence my blog title. (She asked people to create a blog specifically for their small stones and nothing else.) Like many others around the world, I've continued ever since, sometimes daily but more often occasionally. It's a great way to get going again if ever I experience writer's block – putting one's attention outside oneself.  As I am primarily a poet, most of mine are in verse.
A year of writing renga – linked poems – with Helen Patrice (whose idea it was), Jennie Fraine and Michele Alter Brenton. We plan to turn it into a book as soon as any of us can find the time. Meanwhile, here are what we think are some of our very best poems.

Communities I coordinate:

Poets and Storytellers United

A community of blogging poets who also branch out into prose and share their work and passions with each other.

Haiku on Friday (now archived) 
Originally a MySpace group; on facebook a long time now.

Tanka on Tuesday (now archived)
As for HoF.


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A Poet in the Pandemic

Luckily I'm mostly an online poet. Social distancing is not required on social media. All the usual poetry groups and communities are still operating. Currently I'm mostly at  Poets and Storytellers United , for the very good reason that I'm officially its Coordinator these days – albeit with a wonderful, smooth-running, no-fuss team who don't need a lot of coordinating. I occasionally look at what's happening at dVerse ; and I'm thrilled that the archived imaginary garden with real toads is reactivating temporarily, with daily prompts for the 'poetry month' of April. Then there are the facebook groups. I'm the admin of Haiku on Friday and Tanka on Tuesday (not that they need much administration) and I sometimes look in on Found Haiku, Erotic Haiku , and NaHaiWriMo (National Haiku Writing Month). Above all there are my own poetry blogs where I share the latest work – which you'll find under the tab My Poetry Blogs at the top of the pag

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This unique, intriguing form was created by Australian poet Kerri Shying, who is eager for other poets to try it. See my article about it at Poets and Storytellers United: here .

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The dVerse online community of blogging poets, in which I sometimes participate, has just published this beautiful new anthology of 104 poets from all over the world, who also share their work in that community: It's available from Amazon North America  and Amazon Europe . And yes, I am delighted to tell you I have two of my own poems included. We weren't invited to choose poems to submit to this anthology. Instead the editors selected from poems already shared with dVerse during a specific time period. I was surprised at which ones of mine were chosen: probably not among those I would have submitted if asked, even though I am fond of them. But tastes differ. Though I had not considered them my best work, I'm very glad that the editors valued them more highly, so that these particular poems now get much wider exposure than I would have given them. (They are At Mariner's Café and My Home River . ) These days I usually prefer ebooks to paperbacks, but this