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Worried about your spelling, grammar, punctuation or English expression?

Allow me to proofread and copy-edit your written work before you present it! I can also do some literary editing if required.

I am:
• a published writer
• an experienced editor
• a BA with majors in English Literature and Philosophy
• a former university tutor in the Social Sciences area
• a trained adult literacy teacher

• a former, award-winning, independent publisher of literary material


At present I'm working on a flat fee of
$10 USD per 1000 words or substantial part thereof. (Obviously I won't be charging an extra $10 for 20 words or so!) For Australian clients I charge $10 AUD per 1000 words. This may be subject to change in the future.
  • At present I am considering poetry only.
  • I am offering a combination of copy editing and the kind of informed, expert suggestions you would hope to  get in a good workshop.
  • No rush jobs.

The next step

Please contact me by email first, to confirm that I can take your job and meet your deadline, and if necessary to discuss fees.

Documents must then be submitted by email, attached as Word (.doc or .docx) or Rich Text (.rtf) files. Double spaced is preferred.


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