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Aura Drawings

Another kind of psychic reading

Also known as Energy Portraits, these drawings may be of the client, or of a particular angel or guide attached to the client. They usually take the form of abstract swirls of colour. Sometimes, however, a guide or other being will choose to 'come through' in a more representational form.

I work with coloured pencils or sometimes pastels, on art paper.

I am primarily clairsentient and claircognisant, therefore I seldom actually see auras. Instead, when I 'tune in' I receive an inner knowing about which colours to use and where they are to go on the page. At the same time I am given a reading for the client. This is a spiritual type of reading, to do with the client's energy state and the implications of that. Most often it addresses the meanings of the various colours and shapes as they relate to the client's inner self and life experiences. It seldom includes events and predictions on the mundane level, though it may well include indications of one's future development.

When the drawing is of a guide or similar, there will most likely be a message for the client from this being and/or information concerning the significance of the being's presence with the client.

The client receives the original drawing and a transcript of the reading. The work takes approximately one hour, and can be done without the client's physical presence, i.e. Rosemary can tune in from a distance.

The fee is $100 per drawing (including the accompanying reading).

I was trained in this work by visionary artist Val Anderson.

Sample Energy Portraits

Here are some examples of energy portraits, to give you an idea of what I do. I don't consider them great works of art, though I think some are pretty. I don't have any vanity about that, because in a sense it isn't me drawing them. They are completely channelled; I never know what they are going to look like until after they are done. (I have always had a belief that I 'can't draw', and when I try to sketch things that I see in front of me it doesn't work very well.)

With the aura drawings, I don't actually see these images beforehand, not even in my mind. Instead I get an intuitive knowing of what colours to pick up and I let my hand take over and move them across the page. It is always very startling to me when I produce something that looks like a face!

I was between customers at my market stall, and started doodling to fill in time, when this nature spirit insisted on presenting himself – much to my delight. He told me his name was Feldspar. When I looked that up in my crystal book later, I found the colours were right for that mineral.

An abstract representation of the energy of Saint Germain.

Afterwards, Saint Germain insisted on 'coming through' in a more human form.

Two of my human friends, as energy. (Although these two happen to have similar colours, human portraits – and others – come in an infinite variety of colours and shapes.)

This nature spirit chose to present herself in a more abstract form, as swirls of energy.

The angel Safael, presenting as energy.

Most of my drawings, and the readings accompanying them, become the property of the person concerned. Therefore most of the above are of non-human beings who decided to present themselves to me, except of course for the two human friends whose portraits I was able to reproduce here. Also the person to whom the angel Safael presented (a writer) has allowed me to share with you the channelled message that came with it, which follows:

Message from Safael, for A:

I am the angel Safael, who has come to you for your enlightenment. I have brought you to this place of green grass and green mountains, so that you may contemplate peace – so that you may take this peace into your heart. It is the image of God's peace: the vastness of God's peace in your heart. Absorb God's beauty in tranquility. Let the mountains and grasses whisper to you their stories of light.

I bring you the birds of colour [deep blue and red*], the wisdom of gold, the gift to communicate from the heart [soft turquoise]. When peace is in your heart, you will communicate peace. This is your wisdom. After the birds have visited to sing to you or show you their colours, go then deep in the peaceful heart and find there your stories. They will bubble up with ease from that great well.

This peace is healing, carrying with it unconditional love which flows into a ray of compassion [coral]. As I enfold you in my wings, which are lilac and lavender for union with Spirit, so your compassion enfolds me. It is a harmony of love and wisdom, which I touch with joy when I touch you. The ethereal pink of unconditional self-love is in the purple of my wing. Soon it too will touch your compassion, so you may also have compassion for yourself.

And so you grow to speak your truths to the wider community of beings who will receive them. [The swathes of deep turquoise.] In doing so, you receive them back again yourself, knowing in consciousness the truths of your heart.

At this heart's core is divine love [magenta]. This too returns to you even as you give it out. Allow that divinity within you to be expressed. It has encompassed trauma, which is transmuting into joy [the orange].

To find and follow your joy, I bring you, with the gift of my name, access to your own true passion, where lies the path of your heart. Call on my name in times of need, and I shall guide you aright.

Note: When angels present themselves, they usually give a name. I have a Dictionary of Angels which lists angel names that have been mentioned in written records, in the Bible and many other places. It is always startling, and a great confirmation, when a name unfamiliar to me turns out to be in the Dictionary. Sometimes the spelling will be a little different but the sound is the same (e.g. "ph" instead of "f"). I spell it as I 'hear' it clairaudiently. However, not all names will appear in the Dictionary, even in variant spelling; I can only assume there are angels whose names have not yet been written down – at least not before the 1971 edition of the Dictionary, which I have. Safael is a name that does not appear there.

* The colours of Rosella parrots often seen in the area where A was living.

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