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Posts on Reiki — and other forms of healing — are included at my Cronewyze blog.  Here is a bit of background explanation:

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a form of energy healing in which practitioners tap into the universal energy source, rather than using (and thereby temporarily depleting) their own energy.

The 'ki' in Reiki is like the 'ki' in Aikido or the 'chi' in Chi Gung and Tai Chi. In other words, it represents the Universal Life Force. In Reiki, as in many other disciplines, we are taught that this energy is synonymous with Unconditional Love.

The 'rei' says that this force is divinely guided. One translation of Reiki is Soul Power. I was taught to call myself a Reiki channel rather than a Reiki healer, to remind myself that I am not the doer, merely a pipeline for the energy. This was made possible through the attunement process I received.

Obviously this energy has been around since the beginning of time, and has not always been called Reiki. It became known by this name, in its present form, via Dr Mikao Usui of Japan. One of his students, Dr Hayashi, in turn trained a Japanese-American lady, Mrs Hawayo Takata, who brought Reiki to the Western world as a system of healing in the early Twentieth Century.

The history of Reiki, from Dr Usui on, can be found in much more detail in many books and online sites.

What is a Reiki Master?

In this context it means a teacher. As a Reiki Master, I am not claiming heights of spiritual mastery. In fact one of the wonderful things about Reiki, even Reki Mastery, is that it is available to any human being who wishes to learn and is prepared to do the work.

What I have mastered is the training and expertise necessary to reach Master level, i.e. teacher level, in classic Usui Reiki; also in some other forms of Reiki, and similar energy healing modalities. I am empowered to attune students to these energies so that they too may transmit them for the purpose of healing. I can also share a great deal of information about these wonderful tools and show you how to apply them in practice.

I observe that, as the energies keep evolving, our knowledge of them keeps expanding.  I can't know everything, but I can guide you in your own explorations.

My Usui Reiki Lineage

Dr Mikao Usui
Dr Chujiro Hayashi
Mrs Hawayo Takata
Iris Ishikuro
Arthur L Robertson (Rev) Ph.D.
Rev. Glen Dunning
Trisha Ellis S.R.N., R.M., Dip. T., B. Ed.
Ann Adcock
Rosemary Nissen-Wade, B.A., Dip. Met. C.

I am also trained in other schools of Reiki and other forms of energy healing and spiritual healing. See also my list of healing qualifications.

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