Psychic Readings

Psychic Readings

I have been a professional psychic medium for over 20 years. I have been guided to use a combination of Tarot and crystal ball, along with my natural clairsentience and channelling from Source. I can help you solve your dilemmas, find your direction, and anticipate the future.

As a medium I can also help you communicate with your guiding angels, or with people close to you who have passed on.

My readings are also a form of metaphysical counselling and may include spontaneous healing, as the Reiki energy I channel will sometimes (if appropriate) be activated for the client according to need.

I am available for consultations in person or by email. Please contact me by email for further details.

Testimonials from clients
• This lady is spookily accurate! – Jennifer, semi-retired.
• Thank you for the Tarot card readings you did for me last year. They enabled me to change both me and my life. – R. J., student.
• I have always known Rosemary as a person of the highest integrity, with a deep understanding of speaking into people’s lives with love and truth, working always for the highest good. – Ann Adcock, Reiki Master.
• I have found her skills as a channeller most perceptive, focused, astute and practical. – Judi Harvey, teacher / astrologer.
• I want to let you know how your advice helped me cope. Thank you. – A. H., retired.
• In her Tarot readings she is quick to cut to the heart of the matter, and know instinctively when to push me to find my own solutions, and when to offer a sage opinion. She has a knack for finding out what’s really bothering me. – Helen P., author.
• I always find your readings incredibly accurate! – E. W., writer.