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Rosemary Nissen-Wade, Aussie poet and teacher of metaphysics: a personal view
Includes some of the material also found at this website, plus a whole lot of other stuff, from book reviews to personal experiences and reflections.

On witchery, healing and shifting energy (the learning of DragonStar Rose) 
DragonStar Rose is my (public) magical name. (There are others, used more privately.) This blog includes a variety of material about all of the things mentioned in the subtitle – sometimes as teaching tools for those who would like to learn, sometimes as personal realisations which may also be of interest or use to others.

Rosemary's Roses
Not quite every day, but often, I post photos of roses on facebook, with some hopefully uplifting message which comes to me at the time (copying a tradition started by another poet for his followers). People love these posts and look for them, so I now copy them to this blog, for people who don't have access to my facebook timeline.

Enheduanna's Daughter
My current poetry blog, started in February 2018.

The Passionate Crone
My previous poetry blog, started in March 2006 and discontinued in February 2018 when Blogger got a glitch I couldn't fix. It was easier to keep this one as an archive and start something new.

Impressions You Left
Short poems about those who make an impact on me – from the close and intimate to complete strangers, and even some other-worldly beings – in the same number of words as my age at the time of writing.

Stones for the River
A UK writer called Satya Robyn conceived a method of (short pieces of) mindful writing and asked people all over the world to join her on doing one a day in January 2011, which many did – but, with advance notice, I began in December 2010. Satya imagined a 'river of small stones', hence my blog title. (She asked people to create a blog specifically for their small stones and nothing else.) Like many others around the world, I've continued ever since, sometimes daily but more often occasionally. It's a great way to get going again if ever I experience writer's block – putting one's attention outside oneself.  As I am primarily a poet, most of mine are in verse.

Poems by the Followers
A year of writing renga – linked poems – with Helen Patrice (whose idea it was), Jennie Fraine and Michele Alter Brenton. We plan to turn it into a book as soon as any of us can find the time. Meanwhile, here are what we think are some of our very best poems.

Shifting Fog: 
Dwelling with Dementia
A journal I kept during my husband Andrew's final years, 2009 - 2012, chronicling what it was like to live with his increasing dementia. Though actually the dementia, although distressing to both of us, remained mild and well controlled; his various physical ailments often caused greater problems. I wrote it as a kind of therapy for myself, also hoped it might be some use to others going through similar experiences. I'm now not sure about the latter idea – for myself, the last thing I ever want to read nowadays is anything to do with similar experiences. ('You'll love it,' people say of the latest affecting book or movie. No, I won't – it was quite enough to live it, thanks.) There were people who found it enthralling and moving while I was writing it; some have suggested I publish it as a memoir. I'm not sure about that either – perhaps too painful for me and not useful enough to others.  Anyway, it remains as an archive.

The Widowhood Chronicles
I did this one for similar reasons to Shifting Fog, to help myself through the first years of widowhood. That too had a number of readers who thought it would be a marvellous help to others if I were to publish it. Again, I rather doubt that, and also am reluctant to relive what I have already survived – so it too remains as an archive.

Blowing My Own Trumpet
People are always begging me to write my memoirs, and I have sometimes written pieces that could one day form part of such a project. At one point I joined an online course for interpreting one's life (in writing) through the stages of the hero's journey. This blog has both components. However I have decided that I'm not going to write a memoir. I don't really enjoy that kind of writing and have to force myself to do it. Again, readers are enthralled and beg for more – but if I myself am not engaged, I can't see it working. But here are some bits about me and my life – as an archive.

The Truth About Fairies
Written with my late husband Andrew, recording our research into psychic children.

Celebrating Daevid Allen
A tribute by myself and others to our late friend – musician,  poet, and founder member of Gong – consisting mainly of poetry, his and ours.

Poets United
The home of an active international community of blogging poets. I am one of the staff members and feature writers.