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Healing Qualifications

Note:  I no longer work with all of these modalities on a regular basis, being now semi-retired, but I include them here to show my full training.  Please enquire about any modality that interests you. Teaching is in person. When it comes to treatments, both hands-on and 'absent' (or 'distant') healing are available.





Angelic SKHM

Karuna Ki

Tibetan Reiki

Shamballa Reiki


Radiance Force

Violet Reiki

Violet Flame Reiki

Golden Triangle

Golden Cross

Life Magic Celestial Healing

Tera Mai Reiki

Tera Mai Seichem


Qualified Practitioner and Teacher:

Vibrational Essences

Cranio-Sacral Reiki Technique

Globalight Angelic Healing.

Qualified Practitioner:


Crystal Healing

Pranic Healing

Dadirri Spiritual Healing, 3rd level

Indian Head Massage

Reconnection Therapy

Thought Field Therapy

Touch for Health


Foot Massage

Genome Healing

Journey Therapist:

Karmic Completion including Past Life Regression

Cutting the Ties that Bind


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