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My Smashwords interviewas author and publisher.

For Poets United (in reverse order of publication, with the most recent first):

Poems of the Week: Furry Feline Friends We Have Known and Loved  11 February 2019

Poems of the Week by Annell, Wendy and Rosemary   9 April 2018

Poems of the Week ~ Then and Now, by Wendy, Mary and Rosemary  27 August 2018

Blog of the Week ~ The Poetry of Rosemary Nissen-Wade (and talking about the book, "Three Cycles of the Moon").  20 March 2017

Poems of the Week ~ Blessings and Gifts, with Sanaa, Susan and Rosemary  21 November 2016

Poems for a Witchy Halloween  31 October 2016

Poems of the Week ~ A Look Back with Rosemary, Steve and ZQ  8 August 2016

Poems of the Week ~ Our Staff: On Poetry  25 April 2016

On Poetry and Witchcraft  12 October 2015

Poems of the Week: On Grief, by Sumana, Annell and Rosemary  20 July 2015

Chat Between Two Poets – Rosemary Nissen-Wade and Sherry Marr, about the book "She Too".  13 October 2014

The Life of a Poet (update, about widowhood, the esoteric, and my life as a writer)  21 October 2013

Poem of the Week – The Traveller  24 June 2013

Life of a Poet ~ The Passionate Crone  14 September 2011