Andrew E Wade

This website includes material by and about Rosemary's late husband, author, journalist, film editor and Reiki Master Andrew Wade, 1929-2012 (aka Ewart Wade) – and particularly his environmental fairy story, Jorell.

The book is fiction but the fairy is real! See this link for a review of the book and further details about its genesis. The paperback is now out of print, but it has been issued as an e-book available from Smashwords.

Andrew and Rosemary wrote a blog about their research into psychic children: The Truth About Fairies.

Andrew's other blogs are:

The Magic of Life, interviews with exceptional people. Its most recent entry consists of tributes to Andrew – himself a remarkable person – after he died.

The Game of Life, pieces of life writing, for a memoir that never got written.

A Life in Small Stones. From time to time I (Rosemary) engage in a practice of mindful writing initiated by Satya Robyn, called 'small stones' – essentially, small pieces of observation, recorded and polished. When Andrew, in old age, became unable to sustain longer pieces of writing, I suggested he take this on. He did, with enjoyment and some delightful results, recorded in this blog.