'Impressions You Left'

... is the new incarnation and title of my 'verse portraits' blog. I started that in 2008 when a number of bloggers played a game of writing about people who had made an impact on us, in the same number of words as our age – and I, being me, did it in poetry. Every day for one year was the idea, but (a) I didn't do them so often and (b) I went on longer.

In June 2016 I incorporated Verse Portraits into my Passionate Crone poetry blog. A mistake! These poems got lost among the rest and I found I stopped writing them. Now that I've begun again, I've given them back their own blog.

The old name wasn't still available – which is a piece of luck, as they are really more sketches than portraits: impressions, in fact. Don't expect them to tell you the whole story about anyone ... but I hope you enjoy the varied glimpses of lovers, enemies, complete strangers, and even some other-worldly beings. Here they are!